On the Road to Victory: Our Struggle as Immigrants in America is a captivating true story of a family’s unplanned journey to the United States. Dulcelina Moore a black Hispanic (afro-Caribbean) woman native to Costa Rica, transports you through the many facets of her personal life including marriage, family, relationships, parenting, travel, cultural adjustments, and career. You will find yourself at the same crossroads as Dulcelina, as you learn about the endurance and perseverance of this remarkable family. The author’s subtly educate you on the immigration process, and the struggles of acclimating in a new land, and the importance of vision, faith, and a strong spiritual foundation in order to overcome hardships. On the road the victory offers 3 generations of insight. Dulcelina’s mother and contributing author Cecilia Brown offers her story and (1) inspirational “lessons learned” from the family’s matriarch who provides words of motivation of personal spiritual journey towards success and happiness (2) renewal of the human spirit by sharing a true story about the immigration journey (3) and as an education for children of naturalized immigrants or descendants of immigrant parents and an understanding of their journey.

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