2019 Radio Campaign Under Way

Can Immigrants Earn the American Dream?

What a great year! The year has just begun, and our 2019 Radio Campaign is on its way! The topic of discuss is: Can Immigrants Earn the American Dream? And the question to you is, can they? Our publishing partners have eloquently highlighted On the Road to Victory: Our Struggle as Immigrants in America with this very relevant question. Thus far we have been able to secure radio interviews for each month starting with host Frankie Boyer of The Frankie Boyer Show on Biz Talk Radio in January. The interview was exciting, and the host was also of immigrant descent, which made the topics relatable and allowed us to quickly connect.

Mike Siegel, of The Mike Siegel Show, which is aired on Genesis Communications Radio a nationally syndicated show, hosted us as guests in January as well. As a born American, I felt his questions were a bit more sensitive in nature but necessary. We discussed the border wall and my feelings towards it. His view was quite difference from mine but by the end of the interview I felt the dialogue was very powerful.

Mark Bishop of The Morning Affair was just delightful. We immediately connected, as an Australian married to a Native American he understood the struggles of immigration. I enjoyed this interview because it really felt like I was catching up with an old friend. Mark was positive and understood that “only in America” could you fulfill your dreams with hard work and perseverance.

The Forum with Mansfield Frazier, with host Mansfield Frazier airs in Cleveland, Ohio. This interview was also great, but it had a different approach from the others. He was interested in the history of Costa Rica, the population, how Costa Rica handled conflicts with no army, and information regarding the book and future projects. It was a great opportunity to share what a great country Costa Rica truly is and focus on its positive attributes.

Robin Macblane and Larry Whitler were great hosts on WOCA a radio station located in Ocala, Florida. Robin enjoyed the Lessons Learned portion in the book and my parenting approach to the military. The hosts raffled the book to the first caller as a prize. I look forward to the opportunity, if possible, to returning to any if not all the radio stations with updates and future book engagement.

Check out our upcoming radio interview scheduled for March 19, 2019 on USA Radio Network a Nationally Syndicated with Rod and Rae on Daybreak USA. All events will be located on the events page of our website http://www.ontheroadtovictory.org/event-page-book-tour.html

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