Book Expo/Book Con in New York City

On May 31st my daughter, Tasha and I arrived to the John F. Kennedy Airport and headed straight to our hotel near Madison Square Garden in New York. It was located in walking distance to the Javis Convention Center where the venue was located. After settling into our hotel, we freshened up and headed to a short  ten minute walk to Broadway. We were both excited to see the musical, The Story of Emilio & Gloria Estefan On Your Feet! As  Floridian, we were able to identify with so many familiar sights and sounds of the show.  I have always loved Gloria and her music but the musical gives you a new found respect for her after learning of her journey as well as her husband’s as an entrepreneur. The story of this remarkable couple definitely left a lasting impression in my heart. The show met our high expectations. I would recommend this musical to anyone in the New York area.

Day one Book Expo: The Book Expo was June 1st and June 2nd. A huge shuttle picked us up in the morning and dropped us off at the entrance of the convention center. Although we were in walking distance, it was helpful for us to transport our books, signage, and marketing materials for our booth where we would be stationed the next few days. As a marketing tool for our publishing company, Tasha and I wore our Brooks Brothers blue long sleeve button down shirts with our Four Eyes Publishing logo on them. Our first day was mainly setting up, networking, and touring the exhibit hall. As a Board member for the Florida Authors and Publishers Association (FAPA) I was happy to interact with my fellow board members and learn more about what to expect for the upcoming week from the veterans. It was also great to support the other authors and publishers as they networked and marketed their books. FAPA represented so many authors and publishers at the event and prided itself on promoting award winning books from almost every genre.

Camino a la Victoria: Nuestra Lucha como Inmigrantes en los Estados Unidos, officially debuted at the Book Expo. Our printing company hand delivered our books to the booth just in time for the big event. It was great knowing that we had both the English and Spanish versions of our book to promote at such a critically proclaimed event with such a strong line up of authors and publishers. Day One included, networking on the exhibition floor and representing and supporting FAPA.

Day two, of the Book Expo: We knew what to expect and had a game plan of who to see and meet and where to go. We met with subscription book boxes, authors during their book signings, publishers, publicists, printing companies, and other industry professionals.

In addition, on day two of the Book Expo we had an amazing book signing event where we had an opportunity to  greet and meet an array of heavy duty readers. It was very gratifying to receive so much positive feedback from individuals  who were  interested in our book. They loved the title, cover design, and our overall display. I also was in the presence of one of my favorite authors John Grisham during the signing of his new book, which is coincidently entitled Camino Island. To be displaying my work alongside my favorite author was rewarding to say the least. After a great day, we ended it with a dinner at Trattoria Trecolori Italian restaurant in Time Square with a few FAPA board members.  It was great food and company.

Day one of the Book Con: The Book Con was June 3rd and June 4th. Once we entered the exhibit hall for the Book Con we were in for a surprise, the entire floor exhibit had changed and the attendees were mainly children and young adults escorted by their parents. The energy shifted but not in a negative way. There were swarms of teenagers running from booth to booth to meet their favorite authors or snag a copy of a new release. As we continued to walk the halls, we noticed a big commotion taking place at one of the booth signing. We were pleasantly surprised when we realized it was the booth of Chelsea Clinton. She had a book signing for her newly release children book. The area was covered by several officers who tried desperately to control the crowd.  She seemed calm as she greeted her fans. As it  turn out, we had an amazing sales of On the Road to Victory-Our Struggle as Immigrants in America. We continued our book signing, networking, and interactions with the participants (which was the best part).

Day two of the Book Con: Day  two of the Book Con was actually day four of the event and our final day in New York. We had an afternoon flight and had time to have an awesome meet and greet with actor/comedian Kevin Hart, whose book is amazing. We then packed up our belongings  to head back home.

To learn more about On the Road to Victory: Our Struggle as Immigrants in America or the newly released Camino a la Victoria: Nuestra Lucha como Inmigrantes en los Estados Unidos, please visit To stay current with projects, upcoming book tours, and special events please visit coauthor Dr. Tasha Thomas’ website at and follow her on Instagram at @dr.tasha.thomas. To stay current with projects, upcoming book tours, and special events please visit author Dulcelina Moore’s website at and follow her on twitter at @dulcelinamoore and follow her on Instagram at @dulcelina.moore. If you are interested in publishing and/or editorial services visit Also please visit


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