2017 Summer Book Signing Tour starts in Atlanta, Georgia!

My daughter, Tasha and I arrived in Atlanta, Georgia to attend our first book signing event for the summer. We were thrilled! It had kept us very busy. At the time, we were working on the Spanish version of our book On the Road to Victory-Our Struggle as Immigrants in America, which we were able to complete with just enough time to order copies for the event. We are happy to announce that Camino a la Victoria- Nuestra Lucha como Inmigrantes en los Estados Unidos is now available to all! It was close, for the books arrived a day before the trip. In our excitement, Tasha and I anxiously ripped opened the boxes to examine the material. We pulled out a copy of the book and were in awe. The books were beautiful. We were so proud of our accomplishments. Having the two versions of our book would afford us the opportunity of exploring two different target audiences. We packed several copies of them, some bookmarks, business cards, the sign “we accept all major credit cards” and our square device to process the payments. We also packed a receipt book for the cash purchases. My graphic designer created an ad, which included both versions of the book. We had them printed into oversized postcards for the event. We also brought a huge banner for our display, and some small frames where we listed the prices of the books and displayed the two book covers. We packed gift bags and two different types of stickers to affix to the gift bags as a form of advertising. It was a lot to remember. As a marketing tool for our publishing company, Tasha and I purchased Brooks Brothers white long sleeve button down shirts and added our Four Eyes Publishing logo to them. That evening we attend an informal gathering at the National Center for Civil and Human Rights Museum, where we were invited to a small reception. While there, we received more detailed information regarding the book signing event scheduled for the following morning.  The best part of the event was the people we were able to meet. Among them were artist Rodney Scott McDowell.

On Friday, Tasha and I were the first to arrive at the Convention Center. I stayed in the car while she went inside to inquire about the vendor area. She was directed to the author’s section where she selected our table. The venue included a draped and skirted 6’ x 30’ table and two chairs.  She quickly secured it by leaving behind a few of our items. She made sure only to leave behind items that would be no value to others, such as our display banner and desktop signs. We would not recommend leaving any merchandise or books unattended at any venue you participate in. She rushed back to the car signaling me to hurry. She wanted to show me the perfect spot she had chosen for us. It was great that we had each other to help transport the items from the car to the Convention Center. We quickly pulled out our belonging and began to set up our display. We adorned it with our books and giveaways. Once completed it looked phenomenal! It was professional, warm and inviting. Our hotel was located in walking distance from the location, which was a plus. We left the sight and went to get ourselves dolled up for the event. We returned to our station and were ready for the day we had ahead of us.  Soon we were engaging in conversations regarding our publishing company, about our book and selling and signing copies. It was such a gratifying filling. There were close to 500 people in attendance. We were doing it all. From marketing our book, our company and networking with some very impressive individuals.  We were able to travel to a beautiful city, network and meet great people, sell books, and we were also offered an upcoming speaking engagement with a book purchase commitment from one of the attendees.  It was an extraordinary event and we were glad to be part of it.

We were so enthusiastic about our books that it was contagious. We could not contain ourselves and it was obvious. Everyone around us wanted to hear about our story. We shared it with as many people who would listen, including the airlines attendance. Before leaving Miami International Airport (MIA) we were already in business. The first Spanish copy was acquired by the Delta front desk attendance in Miami. Upon our return from Atlanta, I was sitting outside the airport waiting for Tasha to return the rental car when I engaged in a conversation with another Delta employee. He was so intrigued by the story of the book that he ended up buying a copy of the English version. Both attendances in MIA and Atlanta airport, proudly allowed us to photograph them with the book in their hands.

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