First blog post

In a matter of days my mother will be publishing her very first book entitled On the Road to Victory: Our Struggle as Immigrants in America. I am proud to have partnered with her as the coauthor and I am proud to have been able to watch while her dreams come true. I have heard time and time again by many established authors that writing a book is the easiest part. I found that comment absurd and quite laughable thinking of all the long nights my mother has spent working on this book. The book is unique in that it incorporates multiple stories and contributions from my mother, the author, my grandmother the contributing author, and myself as the coauthor. Having to blend our writing styles into a seamless document was quite challenging and required some creativity but it was well worth the additional effort. My mom called on my brother and several family members to recall events and timelines for the book and we tediously researched historical events and places referenced throughout the book. For this to be considered the easy part was beyond questionable, at first I wouldn’t hear of it. How could the writing of a book be considered easy? What part of the process would be more daunting then creating the content? Well, I was about to find out. We all were about to find o

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